Hyundai Launches New Direct-Injection Engine

by Hyundai in the News on November 23, 2009

2011 Hyundai Sonata image

Direct injection technology is rapidly coming into the mainstream. Automakers are utilizing direct-injection in order to increase power from smaller engines while still maintaining competitive fuel economy. Ford’s new line of EcoBoost engines are among these latest direct-injection gasoline engines, but Hyundai is also getting ready to launch four cylinder direct-injection engines of their own.

Hyundai’s first direct-injection four cylinder engine will be featured on the completely redesigned Sonata, which is set to arrive in showrooms in early 2010. The engine was developed as part of Hyundai’s new push to produce more fuel efficient vehicles.

Eventually Hyundai plans to include direct-injection technology throughout its lineup says Hoover Hyundai, whose customers regularly choose Hyundai modest for their affordability and high mileage. The first of these engines is called Theta II and according to Hyundai dealers in Maryland, it will provide an increased level of torque and mileage compared with conventional gasoline engines that are the same displacement. This new engine has also been aided by dual continuously variable valve timing which ultimately reduces emissions and increases power.

The latest direct-injection engines from Hyundai will provide more overall power without the addition of unnecessary weight, which Maine Hyundai asserts will give Hyundai vehicles a huge competitive advantage. The unique technology combined with a weight saving design will also dramatically improve fuel economy.

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